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Hello, I am Chris Madzier (ChrisMadzier.com) a single retired father of 3 daughters and Gpa to 1 granddaughter and 3 grandsons. I take care of the family farm for mom and travel as much as I can, Photography (CloudMasterPhotography.com) Fishing, and anything Outdoors are my passions in life now. I do some writing (Madzwords.com) I am a music lover who does not watch much TV but music is always playing. I have lived an amazing life and have been part of so many amazing projects and special moments in life that if I died today it would all be OK and I would be at peace with it. (I wrote this before 2017 when I found out I was terminal with days to live, A Miracle happened and I am still gonna live on!) I’m a True Gentleman who is Grateful, Humble, Caring, Loving, Passionate, Compassionate, Understanding, Willing, Kind, Fun, Funny, Sarcastic, Wise, Intense, Intelligent, Loyal, Respectful, Outgoing, Open Minded, Free Spirited Gypsy, Old Soul, Man with Manors, Morals, Integrity, Dignity, that is Good Hearten, Unselfish, with Great Character, Living for the good of all of Humanity in life sharing smiles, joys, and great memories with as many humans as I can everyday. Life is way too long not to enjoy it, and way too short not to make every moment the best we can and anything less is life left wasted in my opinion. I have always had and lived with strong life values that are very obvious in my family and work history, I’m retired from a 30 yr construction management career (Project Values 285 million and under) So I had to find a hobby so April 2014 I started photography with my dads “Canon A530 power shot”. (He passed away the year before) I started just around the family farm in Oregon and now it covers NW Oregon SW Washington hoping to just spend the rest of my life capturing all of Oregon and surrounding states the rest of my life. All while helping others out along the way with love, smiles and kindness as I see all humans should be. I look forward to getting to know some of U along my journey! :-)))))) 

Updated 01/27/2020

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